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There’s something for everyone across the Myoko Kogen ski resorts although the area is most well known amongst powder hounds for the treed slopes, off-piste riding and long vertical. Some of the Myoko ski resorts also have sidecountry and backcountry opportunities.

Koya Pond (Mt Hiuchi)

Mt Hiuchi is one of Japans 100 famous mountains and is situated in Myoko Togakushi Renzan National Park. While the area may take its name from Mt Myoko which dominates the view from the village, Mt Hiuchi which is behind Mt Myoko is undeniably the more beautiful mountain to climb. Mt Hiuchi is famous for the stunning flower gardens that appear during the summer months and for the stunning Autumn colours that are on display at the end of September and in to October. Near the summit of Mt Hiuchi is the famous Koya pond which was listed by CNN as one the top 25 most beautiful spots in the world.

Tsubame Onsen

Set on a spectacular cliff-side next to a fast-flowing river Tsubame Onsen is a great destination for those wishing to experience something off the beaten track. The spring boasts white mineral rich waters which are supposed to have great healing properties especially for rheumatism, neuralgia, and various skin ailments. The atmosphere here is beautiful. The secluded onsen and the peace that comes with being in the middle of nowhere with nothing around you is so relaxing.

Lake Nojiri

Lake Nojiri (nojiriko – 野尻湖) is an ancient glacial lake – Nagano’s second largest, and located within a three-four hour journey from Tokyo.

Naena Falls

Naenanotaki (Naena Falls) has been chosen as one of Japan’s 100 greatest waterfalls, at a height of 55 meters. The sounds of the massive amounts of falling water can be heard from all directions, giving it the name “Earthquake Waterfalls”.

Mt Myoko and Mt Hiuchi

Summer & Autumn are great times to climb Mt Myoko and Mt Hiuchi. Both are among Japans 100 famous mountains and they offer spectacular views from the summit. Near the peak of Mt Hiuchi you will find Koyaike Lake which is one of the most scenic and stunning places in Myoko. Autumn sees the leaves changing to spectacular reds, yellows and oranges. Many Japanese tourists come to Myoko in the Autumn to see this amazing site and to climb the mountains to take some stunning photographs.

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